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Kinks and Fetishes in Amsterdam

It's not difficult to realize that you have a bizarre fetish in your mind, but you may discover that you have no idea where to start when it comes to exploring it, or that you do not have enough information about it. When it comes to getting sexually weird or kinky, you should make time to make sure you have strong knowledge about what you genuinely enjoy. Understanding your fetish is the first step you can take to enjoy it, and if you don't know where to start, we have the right guide for you right here. Don't worry; our local escorts know how to handle any kind of dirty fantasy you have.


Most studies tell us that 50% of us are attracted to spicy sexual things in our sex lives. Many people become aware of their fetishes because they watch porn movies. They might sit and watch a particular type of porn movie and realize that they are very interested in the sexual acts presented on the screen. Although porn movies can be useful, you will still need to do a little research to find out more; and we recommend you try one of our enchanting female escorts who can teach you and show you more about it. Every new thing you'd like to try is another challenge for them. As I was saying, although it is fun, porn movies do not often show reality. Many people have a fetish for specific sexual activities such as tying eyes, bedding, or even electroshocking. Although it seems strange if two people share these fetishes, Amsterdam Best Escort website recommends you to fulfill their lusts with one of our experienced outcall girl escorts. As long as the fetishes do not purely involve violence, but only erotic games. There is always a need for the consent of the others involved when practicing any sexual game. Fetishes are mostly taboo subjects in daily life, but not here in Amsterdam and certainly not in the company of the sexiest Amsterdam escorts of our agency.


Entertaining sex games can turn a simple sexual experience into an event that you will surely remember the rest of your life. And who can know more about this subject than people working in the Amsterdam sex industry? If you already have a fetish but have not experienced it, maybe you have a kink, and you need someone who understands you, or if you want a unique experience in which you will probably discover one of them, call us! Depending on your availability, we can arrange a meeting with one of our midget escorts. But first things first - let us introduce you in the world of these erotic games filled with fetishes and kinks that happen here, in the city of sins, Amsterdam.

Most of the time, the two terms can be considered synonymous by many of us, but things are more complicated than that. Most kinks can become or are already fetishes of a particular individual, while for other people, they are just a stimulus and not an obsession. Fetish is a thing or situation in which an individual cannot achieve sexual satisfaction without practicing it; often, it involves the usage of non-sexual objects. Kink is a thing or situation that gives the individual a stimulant in the sexual act, an adrenaline boost. As I said, there are many cases in which kink can become a fetish for some people over time. In both cases, the power-switching game during sexual intercourse involving dominance and submission has a common element. Most Amsterdam kinks go into BDSM (Bondage / Disciplines / Dominance / Submission / Sadism / Masochism), but not all. In most cases, fetishes or kinks are combined in role-plays. A good example is a couple who plays the plumber and the student that is alone at home and implies, domination and constraint, the kinks are bondage, age play, and spanking.


If I have made you curious and you want to find out more about the power-switching games in the bedroom, here are some examples of the most popular Amsterdam fetishes. Enjoy it! Or better, enjoy it in during a crazy, naughty date with one, or two of the most wanted Amsterdam escorts that our agency strongly recommends.

  • Amsterdam Voyeurism is the feeling of incredible sexual pleasure when you look at others having sex. It is usually organized during sex parties, but here in Amsterdam, there are places where the public can watch live sex shows, such as Banana Bar, Moulin Rouge, or Casa Rosso in the Red-Light District.
  • Amsterdam Exhibitionism is the opposite of the first example and involves achieving sexual satisfaction when others are watching you having sex. Although there are places where it can be practiced, this practice is forbidden and punished, in Amsterdam, if it takes place in public.
  • Amsterdam Anal Sex is a widespread fetish, which, of course, involves our pleasure to play with the butt with or without any sex toys or fingers. A study shows that 37% of women and 47% of men said they were involved in such a kink.
  • Amsterdam Foot fetish is a strange but widespread fetish. In most cases, it is a kink associated with men who usually have tendencies of submission. They are obsessed with women's feet, they want to greet them, massage them, lick them, smell them, and thereby they are sexually satisfied.
  • Amsterdam Group Sex is sex between more than two people. This practice has several subcategories, and by far, the most popular is Amsterdam Gangbang. It's called gangbang when a woman/man is involved in a sex scene with multiple members of the other gender. We are usually tempted to believe that only one woman penetrated by more men is engaged in an Amsterdam Gangbag, but it is not. Amsterdam Couple Sex, another subcategory, involves a couple that has a kink or fetish in having sex with a third person. Amsterdam Orgies is also a group sex fetish and is practiced by organizing sex parties. Swinging is also a fetish in this category; couples find great pleasure in exchanging partners between them during parties. In Amsterdam, one of the most famous clubs where you can experience Sex Group is Club Paradise.
  • Amsterdam Impact Play always involves dominance and submission. Spanking is one of the safest and best ways to enter the Amsterdam BDSM realm. The partners have the sexual pleasure to gently slap or whistle, but this kink can be taken to the extreme where blood appears, and the practice turns into edge play fetish. Amsterdam Edge Play sexual practice is quite dangerous and requires experience and full trust in the partner.
  • Amsterdam Role-play is practically the involvement of the partners in the plot. Most of the time, it involves costumes and different objects or decorations to make it as real as possible. It is a safe and rewarding practice, so that we will give you a separate future article.
  • Amsterdam Bondage is a sexual pleasure of feeling immobilized/submission or immobilizing/dominance the partner through the use of strings, straps, handcuffs, and other immobilization tools. Most often, it also involves Amsterdam Impact Play and can have varying degrees of danger.
  • Amsterdam Orgasm Control is associated and combined with the Amsterdam bondage and its elements. The dominant person has total control and brings the submissive to the limit of orgasm, after which he stops, feeling a great pleasure through this full control. This scene is repeated many times during the sexual game.
  • Amsterdam Lingerie fetish is usually a pure fetish. The individual is obsessed with lingerie items (panties, stockings), and this is often enough to give him full sexual satisfaction.