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Anal Sex

Are you searching for an Anal Sex escort service near you in Amsterdam? Perfect! We are here ready to help! People love anal sex because pleasure can be incredible. Our Amsterdam escorts explain that the sensations offered by this type of sex are different from anything you have experienced so far, and orgasms are much more intense. Are you ready to enter the "back door" of this world and enjoy all the challenges?

We say that this experience is worth trying because it causes much more intense pleasure than regular sex. For women, the satisfaction of anal stimulation is due to the common nerve endings between the rectal and vaginal walls, but also indirect stimulation of the G. Point. For men, the pleasure of anal penetration means intense stimulation of the glans, which causes more pleasure and the feeling of full possession and domination.

People like to go over the taboos and rules set by society. Having anal sex in Amsterdam, with our help, is undoubtedly a little of both, and there are a lot of prejudices and stereotypes related to it. That is why it is so thrilling and exciting to try something that not many people dare to do. Nobody knows about this, and it will be your dirty little secret in the hands of our sweet babes and hot male escorts.


Being a licensed escort agency in Amsterdam, be sure that we have lots of local escorts that will make sure that you won't escape until you fulfill all your supreme sexual pleasures. They are the best Amsterdam sex workers, and they can bring this "bum-sex" kink to the art level. Although still a taboo subject, many of us try anal sex without being afraid of any consequences. There is nothing wrong with wanting to experience this part of your sex life. After all, any experience teaches you what your sexual preferences are and can set your limits. Amsterdam's best escort agency is ready to offer its clients the possibility to experience anal penetration with our professional sexy escorts, to make this adventure an enjoyable and unforgettable one.

Out of curiosity or the need to diversify, many choose to adopt other sexual practices, often criticized and viewed with doubt by friends or people around them. However, this will not happen in the company of our exquisite models; Amsterdam escort girls and skillful gigolos that work with our agency will never disappoint you and will share with you all your hidden anal fantasies and fetishes. 

Anal intercourse feels utterly different from vaginal sex for women. For gays, anal sex is the primary way to enjoy sexual intercourse (and we understand why: the pleasure is so intense!). Our Amsterdam mature escorts advise all the women who have not tried anal sex to ask themselves one question. If you find out that your partner has a second penis that he never uses for sex and offers completely new sensations, would you try it?


Butt fucking is like pumpkin spice latte, but for sex. If pumpkin spice latte were available 24/7, no one would be interested. However, because you cannot get it anytime you want, it becomes something special. It is considered taboo without being weird. Anal sex is not so unusual compared to whipping or fisting, for example. It is naughty just as much as it should be, and our specialist midget escorts are more than ready to guide you through the "back door" experiences. Still, not everyone got there. The vagina is like an ordinary club, but the anus is the VIP area. Amsterdam's best escort agency also has newbie escorts who have not had the opportunity to find out the pleasures of anal sex, but they are very excited about this idea. They are waiting for the right opportunity and the right person to sodomize them. If you think you can cope with such a responsibility and have all the necessary qualities and knowledge, do not hesitate to talk about it when booking one of our VIP Amsterdam escorts, and we will try to make your dream come true.

The pleasure of anal sex comes from many sources. Doing something "naughty," out of the ordinary, is pleasing to many, especially when it comes to "spicing up" the sex life that has become boring. The physical component of anal sexual pleasure is unlike any other sensation. The rectum is lined with nerves that command the brain to produce intense pleasures when stimulated. For men, the prostate gland produces excellent satisfaction, and the penis is stimulated by penetrating the anus' muscles uniquely.

A-level sex, once practiced correctly, it can bring much more pleasure than traditional sex, and our female escorts are Amsterdam's best experts in offering these sensations for both the initiated and the less experienced. Anal orgasm is more frequent, different, and very intense. This kind of orgasm is the result of the stimulation of the nerve endings around the anus. Many women describe it as similar to the clitoris orgasm, a mild contraction, but around the sphincter. Getting it is not as difficult as it seems, especially when our Amsterdam escorts know what you enjoy. In the crafty-hands of our best escorts, a good butt fucking will be spoiled before with gentle touches, deep licking, and pleasant fingering because any good sex starts with an incredibly exciting prelude. Spicing-up your sex routine with the help of our naughty sexy escorts can be extremely hot and nasty! Sex toys, butt-plugs, anal balls, anal vibrators, anything our Amsterdam outcall escort girls and gigolos can provide your imagination desire.


Unlike the other types of orgasm, there is no "right" way to achieve the anal one. Each person uses its technique depending on what he/she feels and how comfortable gets in the company of Amsterdam's best escorts. Therefore, you have to do nothing but relax, enjoy, and experiment. Anal pleasure can be achieved by any means, whether you use an anal vibrator, plugs, dildos, or any other variant.

Unlike usual sex, for any hardcore fantasy, our models put a lot of emphasis on the prelude: touches, kisses, stimulation, so that you are as relaxed as possible and prepare your mind and body for a unique experience. This way, the muscles will naturally open, and you will not experience pain or discomfort, and the pleasure will be very satisfying for both men and women. We have many escorts in love with a lubricant because using the perfect lubricant can lead to an impeccable sexual experience.

Many people give up after the first anal sex attempt due to the partner's lack of experience. Still, luckily, our models can repair this due to the field of activity that offered them the opportunity to go through many situations that involved anal sex initiation. The world thinks that anal sex is only when a man anally penetrates a woman or when two gays have sex. Although our gay escorts in Amsterdam are searching for well-equipped men, our best girl escorts have this option on their menu. Our escort agency also offers other forms of escort services that will pleasantly surprise you.

Anal sex can be softer and involves the use of fingers, tongue, or small sex toys, and this is the best method of introducing into the realm of anal sex. Our Amsterdam male escorts are ready for any challenge, and our girl escorts are waiting to play with their asses for your satisfaction.

If you are a bisexual man, we can offer you both gigolo and a sweet female escort specialized in the art of sex. Do not be afraid to let us know if you prefer a strap-on or maybe a professional butt-fucking package. Amsterdam Best Escort is ready to make everything possible to feel fulfilled and deeply satisfied by your Amsterdam sex experience. We are a diversified escort agency, and we got plenty of options, no matter your sexual orientation. If you are a lesbian couple or your wife is a lesbian and wants to head to Amsterdam, we have a long list of sexy lesbian escorts who have everything ready to give you the best doxy girls shows. Also, check our gay models and dare to experience the best Amsterdam has to offer. Furthermore, if you are looking for something more exotic, book one of our most wanted Amsterdam shemale escorts, and you will be coming back anytime you get the chance.

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