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Role Play

Want to have a memorable Role Play sex experience in Amsterdam? Then, you came to the right place! Sex is the erotic art of the 21st century and has evolved over the years in many forms of expression, liberty, and freedom. You need to think of sex as an act of passion that can be expressed in so many ways: love, adventure, intimacy, desire, bond, etc. Generally speaking, the death of passion is monotony. Being with someone new, like a female escort, who does not know you perfectly, brings back into your life all the factors that are important in sex: surprise, novelty, adrenaline. Therefore, it is not that you need a break from everything; you need a refresh in your sex life.


Our positively reviewed escort agency in Amsterdam offers you a chance of breaking the routine, trying new things, and trying spicy and erotic games in the company of the most beautiful local escorts you ever saw. Sexual role play is a sure bet because, thanks to our skilled man and female escorts, you can finally turn all of your sexual fantasies into reality. The roles of submission and domination are the most popular and will help you live the most unique and unforgettable sexual experience in Amsterdam!

Sexual role play is a consensual sexual practice in which a role is played during sexual encounters. It is a sexual practice that tests the scenic skills of our experienced midget escorts. Amsterdam escorts know that role play is not just about clothes and having sex. They have to adopt another personality in the act moments, and be a different person, therefore, to satisfy your dirty imagination. The freedom to behave without labels or complexes is what you need when you choose to visit Amsterdam. Sexual role-play creates a connection between two partners, with the help of the designed environment and our talented hotel escort girls and boys ready to treat you as you were in a different reality, and the rest of the world does not exist. Their main objective is to get away from the routine and to make you experience a unique erotic adventure in Amsterdam. But how do you know which is the best role to play with one of our hot escorts? Well, by visiting and carefully checking our sexy model's profiles and see what they are into.

Start feeling the thrill? Let us giving you some kinky helpful examples snipped for our female escort's role play offer:

  • 'College Professor and Naughty Student' escort role-play in Amsterdam;
  • 'Domineering and Submissive' Amsterdam escort service;
  • 'Doctor and Nurse' Amsterdam sex role-play;
  • 'Uptight Boss vs. Ambitious Employee' Amsterdam sexual role-play;
  • 'Nanny and Dad/Mom' escort role-play;
  • 'Housewife and Handyman' hot escort service;
  • 'Househusband and Handywoman' girl escorts role-play service;
  • 'Your Biggest Fan' midget escort service in Amsterdam;
  • 'King Me' sexy escort role-play;
  • 'Sex Doll' escort girls' sexual role-play.


In today's society, there are currently several situations and professions that cause many sexual fantasies for both men and women. Therefore, one of the most important things is communication, which all therapists say is essential to maintaining a healthy relationship. In sex, it is necessary to listen and express what you feel. Hence, talk freely to our open-minded Amsterdam sex workers about what you want from a role-playing sex experience, create rules, and then share the result. Escaping from routine and sexual monotony was always the desire of many, and achieving this freedom requires communication and creativity. Amsterdam escorts are ready to turn different sexual fantasies into reality, in which the key is to take on roles. But even something so simple like role-playing requires a few tricks that our expert outcall escort girls hide in their sleeves. We must know your fantasies in advance, so our beautiful ladies and gentlemen can surprise you with something you will genuinely enjoy and not a game that probably will make you feel uncomfortable.


We all have kinks and fetishes, and many of those fantasies precisely involve one role-play. We have a few more role play recommendations:

  • 'Daddy and Bad Stepdaughter' Amsterdam escort service;
  • 'Gangbang Abuse' local escort service;
  • 'Schoolgirl Abuse' sex escort role-play;
  • 'Hot Babysitter caught Masturbating', hotel escort service;
  • 'Stepsister Ask for Depriving her of Anal Virginity', escort service in Amsterdam;
  • 'Fuck your Sister Best Friend' best escort role-play in Amsterdam;
  • 'Fuck Your Stepmother' best escort service in Amsterdam;
  • 'Obsessed with My Stepsister' escort sex service in Amsterdam.

The first key in starting the game is to frame it in a scenario that will excite both of you so that the pleasure will be much higher. There are always fantasies or situations that both of you could recreate, and it will be entertaining and enjoyable.

It is quite common for these sexual games to include accessories, kittens, bandages to cover the eyes, ropes to tie the body, also known as bondage, whips. It is essential to agree together with your call-babe the kink's limits. Also, what are you willing to do and endure. Otherwise, everything can turn into a bad experience. If you plan to do an extreme sex scene in Amsterdam that includes any of the BDSM practices, it is crucial to set boundaries. Before you begin, remember, the key is to enjoy yourself and not create an uncomfortable situation that can end badly both for you and for one of our gorgeous sex escorts. So, always take your time to discuss the RACK with our kinky escort.

Role-playing allows you and Amsterdam naughty hotel escorts to connect sexually, disinhibiting, and experience pleasure from a different perspective. It's also a great way to freely express your hidden desires and fantasies because you should play a role in a game where everything is valid.

Our Amsterdam escorts know that costumes are essential, especially since men react very well to visual stimuli. Therefore, our agency, horny pussys, and gifted men will prepare the kinky outfit in detail. Not only will you feel your fetishes becoming real, but it will also help you get into the role you play. Once you've prepared the stage and the script, it is time to take on the task. Set aside sexual taboos and immerse yourself in the scenario. Open your mind, and don't just summarize your companion's proposal because the results can be delightful!