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Tantric Massage

If you are erotic massage addicted, don't change the channel. Our local escorts are experts in massages technics and happy endings. Touching is essential for stimulating sensuality. Erotic massage is a way to include the sense of touch. That is why our gorgeous Amsterdam escorts use it as a way to spice your erotic adventure in Amsterdam. Beyond the sensual aspects, this escort service also offers health benefits. Here comes the first plus in coming to the Netherlands' capital, you can get healthier by exploring your sexuality! Tantric massage involves the use of hands and body to stimulate the tactile sense of the partner. Trust us, Amsterdam Best Escort agency beautiful escort girls are more than experts in sensual body touches! The history of sensual tantric massage is hugely long, and we are just exploring it to its best. This sexual and seductive type of massage appeared about 2000 years ago. For example, in India, specific forms of sensual massage have been developed to include a spiritual aspect and an aspect that aims at physical closeness.


Erotic massage is one of the most effective methods of daily stress relief and complete relaxation. Besides, it is recognized as a contribution to the blood circulation or healing of several diseases. But there are specific details that our licensed local escorts are paying attention to transform a simple massage into an exceptional, unforgettable experience. Amsterdam Best Escort website prides itself on accomplishing many years of success in this challenging sex industry.

For your experience with our enchanting Amsterdam sex workers to be one of its kind, the gorgeous ladies take outstanding care of every aspect when performing a professional erotic stimulation. Oil massage is one of the most critical factors, as it softens the hands of the masseuse and warms them. Also, it favors the smooth sliding of the hands throughout the erogenous body parts, making the sensation felt during the massage even more pleasant. Of course, you should choose carefully. Too strong odors can be quite disturbing, and not all have aphrodisiac effects; we do want you to be entirely under the spell of sexy scents, sensual touches, and exciting moments. However, the erotic massage does not start directly with the oil application because there are specific techniques, such as light-hitting, kneading, and rubbing, which aim to relax the taut muscles. Our talented outcall escorts know pretty well that you, gentlemen, need an utterly relaxing treatment that includes unforgettable erotic moments.

Indeed, the efficiency of an erotic massage is highly dependent on the experience of the escort you choose. That is why, in our highly ranked escort agency, there is an emphasis on training our escort girls. Our collaborators learn massage techniques, but also how to adapt their behavior in line with the client. Besides sensuality and beauty, the client's attention is one of our outcall escort's greatest strengths. Thus, a horny female escort's experience is reflected in the relaxation that manages to instill the beneficiary of the exciting, sensual tantric massage. The erogenous areas and the sensitive areas include gently touching the ear, neck, chest, arms, abdomen, side of the body, thigh, knee area, and legs.


Of course, the escort's sexy and kinky outfit has an essential role in the client's relaxation. Because erotic massage also involves sensual touches, and the clothing that our girls wear must incite the one being massaged so that all senses can be relieved. That's why our licensed sex workers are usually dressed in very fine or too brief kinky underwear.

Our master hotel escort girls will never talk too much with a client during a sensual tantric massage. The low tone of the voice, consistent with the whole atmosphere of one of the most luxurious Amsterdam hotels, is maintained throughout the massage session. Like the other details, this is an essential aspect that contributes to the client's well-being who chooses this erotic massage as an extra escort service.

When booking one of our midget escorts, you should discuss all your desires, fantasies, and fetishes since the very first contact. It is essential to share all your desires, and we will make your experience in Amsterdam unique and unforgettable. 

Erotic massage in Amsterdam incorporates different massage techniques. All erotic. The massage with a double happy ending or multiple is a MUST when dating one of our escort girls! This type of massage focuses on sensual movement, ensuring that you can relax entirely and stop your usual routine. A warm infusion of pure natural oil enters your pores as one of the most sensual massages experienced, removes physical stress and tension. Explore the sensations flowing through the center of your body and let yourself enter a deep relaxation area. That allows you to experience an exciting tease and the power of touch and feel pampered by a beautiful, naked lady.

With two bisexual escorts, double massage is an opportunity to experience a range of sensations that you never felt before. It is not surprising that the true lovers of this massage have called it Royal. This type of erotic massage is recommended for men who suffer from sexual dysfunction and even for women who want to reveal and unlock their sexuality and to know their hidden desires.


Also, couples are more than welcomed to join our wild ride. Our Amsterdam escorts love a couple who wants to explore their sexuality and spice up their relationship. For couples, the sensual massage offered by our local escorts is one of the best experiences in Amsterdam, for partners who want to undergo a tantric and erotic experience in the same room with the partner. Sharing the same hot escort and erotic massage with your partner is a chance to relax, experience, and improve the relationship and intimacy level. Some of our outcall escorts are experts in erotic massage for couples and will respect your limitations.

Many men like dominant women. Strong and confident women increase respect and esteem, which often causes sexual arousal. So why not listen to their orders and enjoy a few moments of submission throughout an exciting and unique erotic massage? Our professional sex workers will help you to give life to your fantasies. You can pray for mercy, but your master will not stop and give you the punishment you deserve. You can choose, for example, a strict policeman, a shameless assistant, a red riding hood, or stewardess. Our skilled female escort can play any role. So, do not be afraid to tell us your secret desires, and we will do our best to fulfill them.

Service -Tantric Massage

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